Clean Sweep

I wore my favorite pair of jeans on the Fourth of July.  They buttoned – differently than they’ve buttoned in the past, but buttoned all the same.  I’m still at the point where yoga pants feel better on my incision point than anything with zippers and buttons, but the fact that I could fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes two weeks postpartum was inspiration enough to get maternity clothes out of my closet.

The only problem was that our closet has been a disaster and construction zone for months.  A late April rainstorm brought water down into a wall behind our closet (thanks to a faulty roof repair two years ago – it’s been a saga to say the least, but Mr. B and our insurance adjuster are now BFFs) and in the midst of everything else going on the closet became my last priority – things were moved and thrown on the floor to get to the water damage and they remained that way.


So, while Tommy was napping last week I pulled everything out of the closet in an effort to reorganize the clothes I can wear once again.  And I do mean I pulled everything out.  Don’t you just hate how things have to look worse before they can look better?

I earmarked a bunch of shoes for donation – I really don’t need the Crocs I bought in college as a joke anymore – and washed and boxed up everything maternity to store for the next round or return to my generous maternity clothes sharing friends.  Then I washed all of my regular clothes and hung them back up in their color families.  There was something so satisfying about vacuuming and organizing our disaster zone.


Mr. B’s half of the closet is next, he just doesn’t know it yet.  And I have a feeling he’ll try to convince me it should wait until the repairs are actually complete in our closet. How’s your closet – perpetually beautiful or in need of a cleaning?


  1. Oh gosh! That looks so much better than our closet right now. It’s pretty much a war zone. I have had a goal to organize it last winter, and seeing as it’s the middle of July, you can sayt the least that it went on the back burner. Your’s looks great though. You’ve got to be proud of the before and after pics.

  2. Oh, it looks great! And I’m so impressed that you already fit back into pre-pregnancy jeans! I have not even considered the idea that I might lose the baby weight so quickly. Of course, I also haven’t gained any baby weight yet, so perhaps that’s still down the road.

    Our closet is actually pretty organized. I love it so.

  3. Impressive- not only is that a clean closet but that you had the energy to do so! John’s is always a mess, mine is organized but stuffed.

  4. I’m really jealous that you fit into your pre-pregnancy pants already. I am still far and away.

    I agree though that there is something SO awesome about a clean and organized closet.

  5. good job! that’s the best idea too – taking it allllll out and starting from scratch.

  6. That closet looks so great! Congrats on the jeans by the way!!

  7. Ahh – looking at that closet just made my day!

  8. WOW! Both to your closet and your jeans! 🙂 Way to go on both. I totally need to clean sweep my master closet again. I try to do it every couple of months before it gets outta control again! 🙂

  9. We have two separate closets. Mine is decently organized, and the Husband’s usually has a pile of clean clothes sitting in front of it that he get’s dressed out of most days. Unfortunately (fortunately?) we’re moving this week into my in-laws basement, and while we’ll have a decent sized closet it will be interesting to see what happens while we’re sharing.

  10. Our closet is always in need of cleaning. I spend hours cleaning, and then the next day it’s all in a pile on the floor.

    Yours looks great. And GO GIRL for being into your jeans already. That’s seriously awesome.

  11. Congrats on the jeans! And my closet is a complete disaster – no matter how much I say I’m going to re-organize, it doesn’t happen!