Photo Wall Arrangements

I’ve been noticing lots of different takes on photo walls lately in magazines and catalogs – there are so many different options, and I’m curious to see what you guys like. I’ve decided that, for me, a photo wall needs to look purposeful in order to work.

I’m partial to the “similar frames make up a recognizable shape and focal point” photo wall.

And I’ve always adored Christie’s photo wall in her living room. Seriously, I have it bookmarked for when I live in a house where a couch can go against a wall and I have three beautiful children and fabulous photography skills. A lot of ifs in there, so in the meantime I just admire Christie’s (house with an actual wall, photo wall, kids and photography skills that is).

Photo Credit

But there are other ways to do photo walls, too. Here’s a little show and tell.

Here’s a similar take on the similar frames for a focal point, the photos are just scattered instead of being grouped in a recognizable shape.


The picture ledge arrangement:


There’s the traditional staircase photos:


These all look purposeful, they make a statement and they look cohesive.  I’ve seen less purposeful arrangements that work, too, but I like purposeful.
What’s your preferred photo wall style?


  1. I love photo walls and love a good organized one – I have a hard time doing random.

  2. I love photo walls. My husband put one together for me. Although the frames are all differently they are all black and white with black wedding frames mixed in. I really like it, but I don’t have the eye for things like that. Luckily the husband does.

  3. I like the same style you like. Love the idea, but cant ever seem to make it look that good on my own!

  4. Well, I like the way you’ve done it. We have a photo wall too. Ours is the purposeful shape but all different frames. I was a little worried about how it would all come together but I ended up really liking the way it turned out.

  5. I like the recognizable shape, but that’s just how I roll. I am all about straight lines and simplicity.

  6. I just realized I responded last night on a post from several months ago. Just in case you didn’t see it, I am new to your blog and thoroughly enjoy it! We have very similar decorating taste, and I have really appreciated your blogs on budgeting.

    Love the picture arrangements. I just moved this year and really want to do something like that on one of my walls. Now if I could just get my family to be together and sit still long enough to make that happen! 🙂

  7. I love photo arrangements, too. Cheap art! I’m actually partial to the random ones … but I just don’t think I have enough artistic talent to pull one off myself. Maybe someday …

  8. I don’t think I can do random, but I love the ones that look good. Hah!

  9. I like your photo wall and the second one the best. I usually prefer the same color frames. I’ve wanted a photo wall for a long time, but I just cannot commit.

  10. I like your photo wall the best. But then again the ledge wall is pretty nice too. So many choices!

  11. I like the organized ones like yours and Christie’s but I’m always adding to mine so that makes it harder. I tell myself not to worry about it until we get “our real house”.

  12. kar in denver says:

    Can you please share the source for the Roma/Central Park/etc signs in your second layout?? Something like that would be perfect in our kitchen. Thanks!

  13. Hi Kar – Those are from ZGallerie, here’s the link:

    They would also be easy to duplicate (and personalize to places you’ve traveled or lived). Shoot me an email if you want a little help, I just finished one for myself of historic baseball parks.

  14. I wish I had the ability to pull off an eclectic photo wall but my OCD symmetry-loving side won’t allow it. So I favor a row or two of the all same frames.