Just Transport Me Back to 1924, Please

While we were in Lake Tahoe last month, we stopped to explore the Tallac Historic Site – the estate that once held three grand summer homes for three elite families from San Francisco. We trekked through the grounds and explored the old houses, which are now run by the forest service.

I walked into the first home – actually the servant’s quarters – and yelled “Mom! Come look at this kitchen!” She walked into the room and said “It looks like my kitchen!” And I said “And the kitchen I want”. Apparently Caroline and I would have done just fine in a servant’s cabin in Lake Tahoe in the 1920s.

Apologies. This is the only picture I snapped before the woman working at the estate dressed in 20s clothing gave me the evil eye.

Look at that subway tile. And honeycomb tile. And the fabulous flour and sugar canisters. And the big basin sink. And the white cabinets with classic black hardware. Timeless.


  1. that is crazy! It’s totally in style – now if only those flapper dresses would come back! I know you want to wear a sequined dress and do the charleston too :)

    love it…especially that countertop!

  2. It is lovely. Now you have your inspiration! Someday I’m sure you’ll make this a reality. And you’ll totally be waving around this one photo and everyone will think you’re crazy. But the end result will be awesome.

  3. Isn’t it funny how some styles come full circle? I guess that’s why they’re timeless. That kitchen is en vogue today and can be seen splashed across design mags.

    The lady giving you the evil eye would have to wipe up my drool from those gorgeous vintage tiles.

  4. Hah! That is too funny, but for good reason! What a gorgeous kitchen!

  5. Love the hardware on the cabinets, it really pops against all that white. Beautiful.

  6. I LOVE LOVE the cabinets. I’m totally drooling. The black hardware is divine.

    Drooling, I tell you.

    And, I want a backsplash. And that sink.

    Ryan told me last night that I couldn’t read any blogs anymore if I kept coming up with more work for him. You aren’t helping his cause.

  7. I’ll take one also! Love EVERYTHING about it.

  8. So timeless! I’m putting subway tile in my house and I can’t wait.

  9. Wow. Amazing how styles come and go. That is awesome.

  10. I love those big sinks, easier to hide my mess :)

  11. Love those canisters!

  12. Wow- I love those canisters. Isn’t it crazy how styles come and go, while others are perfect all the time?

  13. Ohhh, that’s a nice one. Honeycomb tile makes me happy.

  14. darling kitchen!!

  15. Aw, that is so cute! I love the vintage, green canisters on the counter.

  16. OOOHHH the tile.