Free Photo Book (Thanks, Leigh!)

Thanks to Leigh, I just ordered a free 8×8 photobook of our New York vacation from Shutterfly.

Enter the coupon code SUMMERBOOK before 8/26 at checkout to get your free book (well, $8 shipping, but that’s the same thing as free in my book). And swing by Leigh’s blog to say thanks for the info!

**Update – I’m not sure why some people are unable to use the code. To clarify, this is for the 8×8 book available here:×8-photo-book Try contacting Shutterfly for help.

**Update again: Apparently this only works if you received an email from shutterfly (I don’t remember receiving one, but I’m also quick to delete the morning email inbox flood). Sorry to everyone who’s had trouble.


  1. Oooo.. thanks for the info. I wanted to do one for our Atlanta trip, and this should fit right in with our San Francisco book.

    Thanks to you and Leigh. =)

  2. We just did one for the MIL with pictures that we took of her garden and she LOVED it. It’s actually turned into a side business for us. We love Shutterfly! Be sure to check the site for additional promo codes…free shipping, etc.

  3. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I cant wait to do all kinds of books like these soon for the little much fun!

  5. They sent me an email today. I’m going to make a photo book as soon as we get back from a beach vacation weekend.

  6. :) Yours looks great!

  7. Bummer. I just tried to make it and it won’t let me add the code. =/

  8. Kim, really? I had no trouble at noon today (not that I was doing this on work hours. Nope, not me). I first went to Snapfish and realized I was at the wrong site. Someone else commented that they received an email about it this morning, confusing.

  9. It also wouldn’t let me use the code. Pretty frustrating after you spend four hours making the book. :(

  10. Whew ok I just figured out what it is!! If you look on the bottom of the email that some people got sent from shutterfly (my mom), it says that the offer is only valid for that email address! In other words, not everyone can do it!! Lucky for me, my mom could care less about the book and let me order mine under her name! :D

  11. Thanks Ashley for the update. I’m so bummed that this is a not for everyone deal. :(

  12. This is egg related rather than Photo book related (I wish Blogger were more like Facebook in that if you responded to a comment, it would alert the orginial poster!)

    But, I was SO hoping to be one of those people who outgrew an egg allergy! I love the idea of eggs.

    I had them test me for it again last year when I had my allegry shot remix, and yep, I’m still allergic. It isn’t a deathly allergy by any means, it just tends to make me really sick to my stomach and break out in a rash.

    No one else in my family is allergic, but almost all of the hub’s family (except him) is…how odd is that?

  13. No sweat Emily! :) I completely thought it was for everyone too because I remember about a year ago when Oprah was talking about them on her show and shutterfly gave like all of American one per household. Maybe one day they’ll do that again. :D

    PS I love your blog! It’s a daily!