20 Things I Will Not Do in 2009

1) Buy anything with an umpire waist.
2) Feel guilty for pushing the snooze button.
3) Sprain my ankle.
4) Run a marathon.
5) Win a talent competition.
6) Write a book.
7) Learn to bowl.
8) Do laundry as often as I should.
9) Get better at returning phone calls.
10) Become a master gardener.
11) Wear heels when Uggs sound so much warmer and more comfortable.
12) Buy a new sofa.
13) Paint the stairwell.
14) Tell myself my jeans are tight only because I accidentally dried them.
15) Put away my flip flops until Memorial day and after Labor day.
16) Think that I have Katie Holmes’ bone structure.
17) Feel guilty if I’d rather buy the book on Amazon than go to the library.
18) Get my oil changed within 300 miles of it needing changing.
19) Try to wear white pants.
20) Strive for perfection.


  1. Ha..these are great! I should have posted some of these for a good laugh b/c lord knows we all have things we will NOT do!

  2. I laughed out loud on #7 – do you really have to learn that Em? Cause I think it is pretty self-explanatory! You are too funny and I am right there with ya on most of these 🙂

  3. LOL Em! This is a great list–I love it!

  4. Haha. Best list ever. 🙂

  5. This is my kinda list. =)

  6. I love #11 I just had that debate with myself this morning!! My Uggs won….lol.

  7. I like th idea of having a list of things NOT to do in 2009. = ) I just may have to make one for myself in the coming year . . .

  8. This is the first year I haven’t made resolutions. I think making a list of what I wouldn’t do is so much better and way more fulfilling!!